Saturday, June 23, 2007

Foundation June 20, 2007

We pumped concrete for the foundation today. Because of the additional steps in the footings, we were pouring some of the walls 12 feet tall. We now have basement walls. The concrete walls will need to cure now and get hard before we backfill dirt against it so we will schedule the back fill for the middle of next week.

Footings June 12, 2007

We dug the hole for the basement and today we poured the footings. Because of the slope of the original soil, we had to add a couple extra steps in the footings. We did this to ensure we would be below "frost line" after the foundation is backfilled.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

7 June 2007

I met with the homeowners last night on the job site. We looked at the location of the stakes and determined that the home is in the right spot. Today I met with both homeowners and explained to them how we will set the home on the lot for elevation. We all agreed to set it so that the SE corner of the house is about 19 inches above the nearest (straight out on Red Hawk Ave.) curb. We will determine the elevation of the garage floor after the foundation is poured.